These fun creations and exquisite handmade products combine the physical and spiritual properties of nature to create  beautiful aromatics,  essences and vibrational healing remedies to nourish body and soul.  All ingredients are consciously selected to honor and support Mother Earth and all our relations.



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Natural Solid Perfumes

"Perfume is a balm for the soul and a song for the heart."

Kerry's perfume creations feature exquisite aromatics, precious oils, attars and herbal infusions in an organic Jojoba and natural wax base.  These make a fantastic and unique gift for someone special or of course for yourself!  Enjoy them as offered in a 2 oz glass jar or customize by selecting a vintage porcelain trinket box for a one-of-a-kind presentation.  Please inquire for vintage perfume containers selection and pricing.  (For completely custom perfume formulations, please see "Flower Power Custom Blends" under the Services tab.)

starting at $35 / 2 oz glass jar

Shea Coconut Body Butter

Nothing feels better than this luxurious hand whipped body butter on your skin!  So deeply nourishing and a little goes a very long way.  With shea butter, avocado & coconut oils this body butter makes even the most sensitive skin so very happy.  I've made this for several people undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments (they can really wreak havoc on the skin) and it always gets rave reviews.  The shea and coconut are unscented so this whip makes the perfect carrier for your favorite skin friendly essential oils.  You can choose to have essential oils blended into your body butter for an additional charge (extra $2 - $5 for small jars and extra $7 - $14 for large jars, depending on your choice of essential oils).  Please inquire for specific pricing of customized body butters.

$6 / unscented small jar 1.5 oz

$22 / unscented large aqua jar 8 oz

Magic Lavender Stick

The magic of lavender is the wide range of help it offers us in such a sweet way.  This should be in everyone’s pocket or purse, it’s so versatile.  Soothing and calming to skin and soul, it’s also great for burns, bug bites and other skin irritations.  Organic Lavender & Coconut oil are the magic makers that shine in this formula.  Offered in a 2 ounce biodegradable tube.  $12

My Favorite Lip Balm

This is my favorite lip balm ever!  It REALLY works to soothe dry chapped lips and keep them feeling soft longer than anything else I’ve tried.  Shea butter and avocado oil moisturize while calendula and my own blend of herbal infusions take care of the rest.  Offered in a biodegradable 1/2 ounce tube, that's more than 4 times the size of a regular sized lip balm.  So you won’t run out so fast. $8

Flower, Gemstone & Nature Essences

These essences are created in the homeopathic tradition of the Dr. Bach Flower Remedies and are completely different than essential oils.  They are vibrational healing remedies that carry the energetic imprint of the flowers, gemstones and natural environments they were made with.  They can be taken internally by adding to a glass of drinking water (unlike essential oils) or applied topically by adding to your favorite aromatic blends or lotions or to the bath.  Especially effective on the mental and emotional level, these essences help restore balance and facilitate deep change and healing.  I am continuously impressed by the results of my own and others' use of these beautiful allies.


* Offered in 1 ounce glass dropper top bottles @ $24 *

Santa Catalina Mountains Series of Essences
These flower and nature essences were created in the Santa Catalina Mountains just outside of Tucson, Arizona.  Many were made on Mt. Lemmon, one of our beautiful Sky Islands and the highest peak in that range. 
Cliff Rose Flower Essence

Energy, Tenacity & Perseverance

Cosmos Flower Essence

Joy, Laughter & Community

Mama Aspen & Community Nature Essence

Support & Connection

New Mexico Raspberry Flower Essence

Love in the Face of Challenge

Santa Catalina Mountains Nature Essence

Empowerment, Renewal & Alignment

Sawtooth Candyleaf Flower Essence

Comfort & Softening

Silverleaf Oak Nature Essence

The Blessing Tree

Water Element Nature Essence

Renewal, Inner Nourishment

Wild Yarrow Flower Essence

Wound Healer

Wind & Baby Aspen Nature Essence

Letting Go, Transformation

Crystals and Gemstones Series of Essences
Crystals and gemstones are potent energy transmitters, allies and carriers of healing rays that we can use for self healing and spiritual development.  Using these gemstone essences is a beautiful and simple way to experience their effects throughout your day.  These are created in Tucson, the home of the largest Gem & Mineral Show on the planet.  I can tell you with certainty that a powerful vortex of energy is anchored here and the massive annual gathering of crystals and gemstones from around the world plays a part.  I expect this list of essences will grow and grow.
Amethyst Gemstone Essence

Inner Vision, Intuition, Spiritual Connection, Transmutation

Apophyllite Gemstone Essence

Insight, Understanding of Hidden Connections, Facilitate Movement When Feeling Stuck

Herkimer Diamond Gemstone Essence

Extreme Clarity, Communication, Telepathy, Amplifier

Rose Quartz Gemstone Essence

Unconditional Love, Encouragement, Soothing, Calming to the Heart and Mind

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