Integrative East-West Massage

$75 / One Hour

$110 / One Hour and a half

This treatment combines Western therapeutic massage with a selection of bodywork therapies and traditional healing techniques from the East in an integrative session customized for you. Therapies may include traditional therapeutic massage, CranioSacral therapy, Shiatsu, cupping, acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang, Intuitive Energy Healing and/or therapeutic aromatherapy. Allow Kerry to customize your session or request the modalities you’d like to experience. This treatment is given on the massage table.


$75 / One Hour

$110 / One Hour and a half

Shiatsu is a form of Asian bodywork from Japan that promotes, maintains, and restores physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual health by treating the individual within the “Qi and Meridian” principles of Chinese medicine.

A Shiatsu treatment is given with the receiver wearing loose cotton clothing or workout wear and is done on a traditional floor mat or a massage table.  Every session is tailored to individual needs based on an assessment to determine which meridians and elements need harmonizing.  

Kerry's sessions include barefoot technique along with assisted meridian stretches, breath work, finger, hand, elbow and knee pressure to restore the free flow of qi and release tension and pain.  Her pressure is nurturing and therapeutic, ranging from gentle to deep according to the receiver’s level of sensitivity and comfort.

A Shiatsu session typically leaves you feeling more limber, better in your body, clear minded, relaxed and refreshed.  Treatments can be used to help with a variety of issues including pain and physical tension, for a greater sense of emotional balance, and to facilitate spiritual and personal development.

Other therapies that may be incorporated into Shiatsu treatments include cupping therapy or gua sha for areas of stagnation; Thai herbal compresses for muscle and joint stiffness and pain; and therapeutic aromatherapy. 

CranioSacral Therapy

$75 / One Hour

$110 / One Hour and a half

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle method of healing that focuses on releasing tension and restrictions along the spine and around the cranium.  Developed by an osteopath, a combination of techniques are used including gentle myofascial release, direction of energy holds and Somato-Emotional release.  A session is given with the receiver fully clothed on a massage table.

CST is deeply restorative for the nervous system, which governs every aspect of our physiology and directly affects our state of mind and health.  Release of these restrictions can release holding patterns of pain and imprints of past trauma allowing a feeling of freedom and realignment.  Kerry received her training through the Upledger Institute.

Chi Nei Tsang

Taoist Abdominal Massage

$75 / One Hour

Chi Nei Tsang is an ancient form of detoxifying and energizing abdominal massage.  Chi Nei Tsang can be translated as Energetic Internal Organs Massage.  It is based on principles of Chinese medicine and Five Element theory which view our abdomen and internal organs as major control centers of our vital life force energy, or Chi.  Energy blockages beginning here affect our entire state of being and may be caused by things such as past trauma, stressful lifestyle, accumulation of toxins and stuck negative emotions.  

Chi Nei Tsang offers massage and meditation techniques to release the knots and tangles formed by these energy blockages, clearing the organs of stuck chi, balancing the emotions and improving the flow of our vital life force energy.  Pressure is nurturing and supportive, ranging from light to firm depending on each individual’s needs and sensitivity level.

Traditional Thai Massage

$110 / One Hour and a half

This style of bodywork from Thailand incorporates assisted hatha yoga stretches along with working the energy lines of the body, called Sen lines to keep the body in healthy balance.  While there are similarities to Shiatsu and many areas of common ground among Eastern systems of healing, Thai massage is more closely linked to the Indian yoga tradition.  It has the ability to rebalance body and mind on many different levels, harmonizing the physical, energetic and emotional bodies.  This style of massage is considered a form of energy work in Thailand even though in practice it is very physically oriented.  The dynamic flow of Traditional Thai Massage is wonderfully unique and like no other type of bodywork.

This treatment is given on a padded floor mat with the receiver fully clothed.  Wear workout style or loose clothing suitable for stretching.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

$80 / One Hour

$115 / One Hour and a half

Steamed herbal compresses, made from traditional Thai recipes and blessed in ceremony for healing are combined with massage to increase energy flow, improve circulation and relax muscles.  The heat and herbs penetrate deeply into the body, reaching areas that bodywork cannot.  They can soothe soreness and increase flexibility when applied to joints and muscles.  They can tonify and energize internal organs when applied to the abdomen.  These handmade compresses are steamed to release the beneficial properties of the herbs and are then applied to the skin over energy lines and acupressure points for deeply therapeutic effects.  Fresh compresses are used for each treatment.  Herbs used may include ginger, turmeric, eucalyptus, kaffir lime leaves, plai, camphor, basil and others depending on the formula needed.  You'll take home the 2 herbal compress bundles used in your treatment, which can be re-steamed, used in a bath or simply enjoyed for their aromatics.

This treatment may be given either on the floor mat or on the massage table.

Intuitive Energy Healing

$75 / One Hour

$110 / One Hour and a half

Within the dimensions of our chakras, quantum fields and Light body are the roots, rhymes and reasons of issues that are not apparent to us on the physical level.  If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed in your life; if you are suffering from conditions that are unexplained by conventional means; if you are wanting to initiate greater personal or spiritual growth; if you are wanting to open your beautiful Heart Center and connect more deeply with your Soul's true path, this is the treatment for you.  This work is life changing for many who receive it.

Kerry connects with you on the Soul / I AM level to discover what's needed and the session is directed by what arises.  While every session is unique, each begins with an initial discussion to clarify your intention followed by a Reiki style treatment with the hands resting over different energy centers and areas of the body as guided.

Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions

Intuitive Healing Sessions can be done in person or remotely as a distance healing.  Distance sessions should be scheduled for a time when you can sit or lie down quietly without distractions for best results.  Before your session, Kerry will ask if you have specific concerns or intentions for the session.  After the session Kerry will share her insights and impressions with you via phone, video chat or email.  Distance sessions are equally as effective as in person sessions and are available for clients in any location.

Marconics Light Body Activations

Marconics is an energy transmission that clears, repairs, recalibrates and upgrades the Light Body and DNA.  It is a tool to accelerate spiritual ascension, to raise consciousness, and to move successfully through the Shift of the Ages that humanity and Earth are currently going through.  It helps us transition into higher dimensions of reality and integrate them more quickly, releasing density and karma so that we can more fully embody our I AM Presence here and now.

Marconics No Touch Session / $100

This is called "No Touch" because the work is done in your auric field and Axiatonal energy grid system.  Raises your frequency to such an extent during the session that you connect more clearly with your Higher Self, or I AM Presence.  You are able to drop density that's holding you back, shed karma, and gain clarity on your Soul's highest path.  Marconics energy acts as a super accelerant for personal and spiritual development.  After the session your frequency will gradually settle back down however your baseline will remain higher than it was before the last No Touch session.  

These sessions can be received as desired to raise or maintain frequency.  It's recommended to wait at least 2 weeks between No Touch sessions to allow assimilation and adjustment time.

Marconics Quantum Light Body Chakra Recalibration  / $333

The Quantum Recalibration uncaps the chakras and restores them to their original radiance as given in our Divine blueprint.  The Light Body and Merkabah are cleared and new Light codes are received.  Past karma is cleared, allowing us to step forward unhindered and rise to new levels of awareness and perception in our every day life.  This can be compared to upgrading your Light Body to a Lamborghini. 

This Recalibration is done over 2 separate sessions, spaced 24 to 72 hours apart.  You'll never need to repeat a Recalibration, the results are lasting and permanent.  You may choose to receive No Touch sessions afterwards for maintenance as desired.

Prerequisite for Quantum Recalibration:  You must have received 3 Marconics No Touch sessions spaced at least 2 weeks apart before receiving a Recalibration.

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