Online Retreat

SOLSTICE season is here and in keeping with the theme of 2020, it's an especially remarkable one!
The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn aligned with the solstice happens just once every 400 years.  It brings influences of infinite possibilities combined with big lessons learned.
What will you do to honor it? 
This year I invite you to join me for a Winter Retreat to take pause, reflect on your past year and on what you'd like to bring into your life for 2021.
Taking the time to create sacred space and listen to your heart is a powerful and deeply nourishing practice.
There is no denying the shift that occurs when we begin to harmonize with nature and begin to consciously create our lives. 
Honoring and recognition of these cycles and rhythms of nature are important parts of the lost art of holding ceremony. 
It's simple, you can do it!
And you just might be surprised by the results.
What are you inviting into your life in the coming year?
Let's co-create together!

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